Hongyi Cambridge International School,  is not a new school!

Since September 2003, the Cambridge A-Level curriculum system made its debut in Shenzhen, China, and was firstly introduced by the A-Level course centers represented by the Shenzhen International Education Exchange School, SCNU International School, Shenzhen Fuyuan Cambridge International Center, Affiliated International School of Shenzhen University, and lead the rapid development of the A-Level education in China. Our management team are all from the above mentioend Cambridge International Schools.

In addition, we have recruited outstanding faculty and management team members with high reputation in Hunan international education industry in order to establish an innovative educational system which can not only connect with the international first-class educational resources, but also adapt to the characteristics of local students.

The Hongyi Cambridge International School  (HYCIS) , aims at integrating both Chinese and western educational benefits, cultivating Chinese students to be top notch especially in international vision and independent thinking.  The unique characteristics of the international curriculum, combined with eastern rigorous academic style and western free-discussion based class atmosphere, inherit hundred-years of Hongyi school spirit, study spirit and teaching spirit, but also combine with the concept of internationalization, diversification and multi-dimension. Course instruction given by bilingual and foreign teachers reaches 80% of the entire currciulum.  Our teachers, utilizing the holistic education in order improve students' core qualities.

Small-scale classes with no more than 25 students enable the close interaction between teachers and students such that every single student is in great hands. In this way, we can cultive our studnets’ learning habits and multi-dimensional thinking ability.

On the other hand, Hongyi Cambridge International School is also a new school!

The brand of "Hongyi" was established in 1905, and it is highly recognized in Hunan province and even across the country.  Through hundred year of development and innovation, along with globalization and educational internationalization, Guangyi Board of directos has decided to introduce the golden secondary curriculum systems including the Cambridge University A-Level Curriculum System, the College Board's AP courses which may paves a way for our students to the first-class colleges in the world. We also invited the renowned education expert team from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen so as to add value and insights to the Guangyi International Education Brand.

We aim to use diversified and challenging bilingual multi-cultural courses as well as abundant elective courses to  cultivate students' well-rounded personality, lifelong learning ablity and social responsbility, laying solid academic foundation for our studuents to create their healthy and enriched life in future.


HYCIS was founded in October 2015, and awarded by various internationally accredited organization to establish international educational curriculum specifically for high school students. Our curriculum includes the A-Level courses established by Cambridge International Examinations (CAIE authorized no. CN768) and the Advanced Placement Courses accredited by the American College Board. Through in-depth research and experiment of the current international high school curriculum, we especially invited local  education experts and international well-known educaitonal consultant team to develop an international high school curriculum system for Chinese high school students. Our International Department upholds the educational philosophy integrating the benefits of both eastern and western and education systems. Based on general education requiremnt and according to students' characteristics, we provide enriched and distinctive elective courses and social practices in order to promote the students' well-rounded personality development, and prepare them for the best international higher education in the world.

The perfect teaching quality evaluation system and faculty training program which are established by the International Department assures a stellar  international teaching quality. We not only adhere to the international teaching standards, but also adapt to the local students’ charateristics, in order to serve the educational purpose of cultivating students' humanistic quality, academic ability, and social responsibility. We are committed to holistic international secondary education, inspiring and guiding students in self-development, helping them acquire more choices and opportunities in their future, and challenging them to their greatest potential.