Introduction of Cambridge International A-Level Course System

(1) the authority of the creation

Founded by the Cambridge International Examinations.

(2) global recognition is extremely high

Recognized by thousands of universities in more than 160 countries around the world, it is one of the two most prestigious world curriculum systems (A-Level and IB) in high school, and is known as the Gold Medal Program for Global Universities.

(3) students out of the road wide

With A-Level results, you can also enroll in universities in Hong Kong and Singapore, in addition to universities in the UK, the United States, Canada, Australia, and all English-speaking countries. All of the world's prestigious universities, including Harvard, Yale and so are very welcome to study the A-Level courses of international students, especially Oxford, Cambridge is generally only through the A-Level and IB courses to learn international students.

Advantages of Chinese students studying A-Level courses

Well-established Maths

Although China's higher education and the advanced countries of the world's higher education there is still a big difference, which from the high-level Nobel Prize and China is always not visible, but China's basic education in some ways is not backward, High school students of the Olympic mathematics, physics, chemistry competition gold medal is often swept by our players is proof. As the primary and secondary school students in China training rigorous, solid foundation, the mathematical ability is generally stronger than the Western students, and A Level curriculum system can choose elective two, so for most students, the choice of A Level of mathematics means a Feet have been able to step into the world-class university door.

Can avoid the gap in English

Chinese students and students of the same age in English are different in English, so Chinese students in literature, law, history, and other liberal arts courses are often not ideal. ALevel does not like the IB course, which requires students to study, and study the number of physics and chemistry subjects is the strength of Chinese students, foreign institutions in the admissions is generally not sub-liberal arts, and even welcome students to apply for interdisciplinary. So Chinese students choose 3-4 door A-Level subjects, you can avoid the gap between the English, and will not affect the college entrance examination

Grading System

Cambridge exam is not a percentage system, A-Level test scores are divided into A * ABCDE six grades (GCSE test scores are divided into A * to G eight grades). In this way, the small test mistakes will not affect the student's grade assessment, and its test is not "a test for life." Each year, the Cambridge Examinations Board will take two exams. If the students are not satisfied with their test scores, they can make up their exams. Declaration to the university to a better result.

Stable test mode

  IGCSE and A-Level courses are all tested by the Cambridge University Entrance Examination, unified marking, global unified examination time, unified scoring standards, the authority of the world recognized. Cambridge exam standardization and stability, so that from small to be subject to rigorous test training of Chinese students easily stand out.

To declare the advantages of foreign universities

Students out of the road wide

With the results of A Level, you can also enroll in universities such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia and other English-speaking countries, as well as universities in Hong Kong and Singapore. At the same time, universities such as Japan's Waseda and Switzerland have English teaching languages, approved for A-level results. Students can also study abroad in various countries selected destination, study costs can be lavish.

The application is relatively simple

  Apply for foreign universities, only three "A-Level International College Entrance Examination" scores and personal statements, letters of recommendation and other declarations. Through the UCAS (UK United University Admissions Committee) system, candidates can apply for one-time UK five universities. In addition to Oxford, Cambridge University need to interview exam, the other schools do not need an interview.

More likely to succeed

Students enter the A-level study, through learning, to understand their own endowments and interests of the future study of the professional direction and study abroad will have a more objective understanding of the choice of their own professional and direction, more likely to succeed.

Equal treatment

Chinese students studying in the UK can enjoy the same treatment as the British native students.