AP Curriculum System of American Colleges

1. Introduction of AP (Advanced Placement) Courses:

AP courses, considered as the preparatory courses in American colleges, are applicable to the global high school students who intend to apply to undergraduate programs in the U.S. AP program is run by the College Board, offering college-level courses to high school students which are considered as important demonstration of academic potential for top colleges in U.S. There are courses in 22 categories and 37 subjects available in AP program, offered to over 15000 American high schools so that the students can study in advance. AP courses maintain academic rigor. With other standardized tests (TOEFL, ACT/SAT) in same level, students may prove their academic performance by taking AP courses' exams in order to apply top colleges in the world.

2. AP Teaching Strength:

Firstly, All AP teachers at Guangyi International Department are qualified by the College Board AP courses include AP calculus, AP macroeconomics, AP microeconomics, AP physics Mechanics, AP Physics electromagnetics, AP U.S. history, AP statistics, and AP psychology. Our AP courses are taught in English or bilingual languages. By taking AP courses, students can strengthen their way of thinking in English language so as to adapt to the future academic life in American colleges. We adopt the AP course materials in pure English language, allowing students to experience the charm of the original college preparatory courses. The flexible choice in AP courses can allow students to choose courses based on their own academic interest or future career planning, in order to explore their academic orientation, and further clearly identify their personal development goals.