ASDAN Qualification Programs Based on Profession:

The ASDAN (abbreviated from the Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network), authorized by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) and the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service  (UCAS), provides international  students with quality-oriented education and competence training through offering the award programs which have been developed for 35 years. The ASDAN has published over 100 academic journals concerning quality-oriented education, been considered as one of the first-classand most influential international quality-oriented education institutions in the world. The certificates awarded by the ASDAN are accepted by the top colleges and employers in Britain and United States.

The ASDAN Programs Based on are specially designed for various elective courses, extracurricular activities and community activities. Participants can select subjects they are interested in, participate in activities in relatively flexible time so as to meet with challenges according to their competencce and level. The program contains curriculum structure, teaching plans, activity cases, appraisal standard, credit management and result  accreditation, and reflects the innovative change that quality education undergoes. Currently, there are more than 6000 high schools and 200000 students using ASDAN courses.

Primary Function of Quality-oriented Curriculum:

1.Strengthen team-work spirit

Focus on callaboration with "people" to plan and implement the curriculum system so as to achieve academic goal.

2.Improve ability to cope with problems

Be aware of problems and try to solve problems. Try different ways to solve problems, and constantly improve results.

3. Improve learning capability

Learn and update new skills or knowledge. Push learners to plan and achieve academic goal, and to constantly reflect on their academic progress.

4. Improve ability of use of IT

Use information technology to find necessary resources, analyze data, produce images etc.

5. Enhance communication skill

How to obtain information and resources through efficient communication? For instance, conduct research and present the results, or prepare report to express their opinions or views.

6. Improve logical and mathematical thinking

Use quantitative skills to perform tasks, such as operations, data analysis, results presentation etc.

Career Development Program:

To help our students develop career-oreiented plans, we offer lectures introducing various popular professions, design extracurriculum activities to improve students' soft sills, such as the business analysis course of the Wharton Busienss School, science research program of Georgia Institute of Technology, to help students explore themselves, develop academic interest, and have better understanding of key factors in futuer carreer choices.

College Preparatory Courses:

Our School also provides college preparatory courses, such as academic writing, English and American literature, communicational skills, career planning, in order to help our students better adapt to their future abroad.